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13, Zastavskaya str., Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA, 196084

About Brand

STAYER is a modern and dynamic sportswear brand of hi-tech and multifunctional apparel for winter and summer sports. We use innovative technologies and modern wind- and waterproof membrane materials to protect people who love being outdoors at winter time, who have fun getting sports, reaching their goals and discovering new things!

We stand for a new market, new reality, offering high-tech functionality, unique style with Russian spirit, full line of products that have an excellent quality. Since 1998 we create fashion and sport style clothes which have became the part of modern life. With a headquarters in Saint-Petersburg, Russia our company has more than 250 sales locations throughout Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Enjoy discovering of our new 2015/2016 Fall/Winter collection!

Russian spirit of style

Product’s functionality and engineering

The spirit of STAYER is about having unique style, which combines traditions of national art and folklore with contemporary trend lines. Our style is not only on the surface, it’s about our feelings, experienced moments of life and foretaste of next adventures, it’s where the sport fashion and personal spirit mix for the unforgettable moments of life. We craft our products by combining the best from wind- and waterproof breathable materials for every situation in all weathers everywhere, everyday. Whether you are out in the mountains, hiking or being in city walking tour – our products will keep you dry, healthy and fit.

CONTACTS: 13, Zastavskaya str., Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA, 196084, phone: +7(812)303-8590, e-mail: